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Feeeling like a blogger noob, i promised myself that i wouldnt post too much during one day but could not help myself plus i have extra time on my hands right now since exams are over (hell yehhh), i designed 4 concepts during the 3 months so i wouldnt have to spend so much on real designer brands haha, and plus i like the feeling of making or reinventing my clothes so i wouldnt have to keep on wearing the same thing. The last concept was a total fail lol, i tried iron printing did not look so great, you really need a heat presser so it can distribute the heat better, overall it wouldve had better outcome than what you see here.


"Prada mens 2012"

"Acne mens S/S 2012"

"De Fursac mens A/W 2012"

"Marni x H&M mens S/S 2012"

"Dolce and Gabbana  mens S/S 10"
I have birthday party coming up, and i heard the dress attire was casual/formal, so i got straight onto the net and searched up suits that were in fashion for 2012. These were some of the few that caught my eye, mind you im very picky when it comes to suits due to the amount of formal events i go to haha. the De fursac suit you see above in black and white would be the suit id be leaning towards because it has a nice construct and is very crisp and also it is a black and white party so this also leans towards the classic look.


I was hit with alot of boredom during mid semester holidays and felt inspired to reinvent some of my clothes that was collecting dust on top of my wardrobe. I'm not poor, just really really REALLY mature with handling my money.

Black Panther Shirt

dont want to right a whole paragraph so basically all the leather that you see on my clothes are the parts i have added on LOL


ive been looking at other prints especially on suits that use digital or laser printing methods, although very stunning in clarity and graphic wise, it is very costly to run, to be honest wouldnt go down this path yet till i know certain or unless you had a large start up capital, 
BUT.. amazing right

- Givenchy mens S/S 12, unknown artist A/W 11 and Faucher 11 -


"Jill Sanders AW/11' Roses in July"

I started this blog hoping to find an outlet where i could project the many influences in male fashion and pop culture that capture my attention. I guess the name Hype Daze came from joining the first two random words that popped up in my head. Luckily for me, it makes sense haha. As for LO-NATALIA-VE, it just plainly means that i love Natalia Vodianova. Anyways, keep posted, I can't promise daily or even weekly posts but I'll damn near try to fill it on a regular.

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